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Hello, I'm Liz Bouta

As a Licensed Veterinary Technician and horse owner, I’m passionate about the well-being of horses and riders and the connections we share.  Western saddle fit paired with my holistic and veterinary background gives me another perspective for guiding you to find the answers you are seeking while considering the whole horse.  

Originally from MN, I have lived in the rural Bismarck, ND area since 2020, with my AQHA mare, Teaspoon (MS COCO DANDY), and Australian Shepherd, Gus. 

Some things about me: 

  • Farm raised.  Horse owner since 1992.  

  • AAS Degree in Veterinary Technology from Ridgewater College.  

  • Holistic and integrative clinical veterinary experience.      

  • Veterinary client educator. 

  • AAS Medical Laboratory Technician Degree from Rasmussen College. 

  • Independent LifeVantage Consultant. 

  • Independent BEMER Distributor. 

  • Exclusive dealer for Clinton Langerud Saddlery. 

  • Western saddle fit course by Rod & Denise Nikkel.  Western Saddle Fit: Well Beyond the basics, 6-hour video series.         

When it comes to toxic exposures, what you do everyday matters far more than what you do every once in a while.  

The definition of wellness is: the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.   

    My Wellness Story

    I was 30 years old, living back in my hometown, and going through a divorce. I was working as a CVT (Certified Veterinary Technician) for a holistic veterinarian. We flew to Florida for work training, my legs swelled up on the plane ride back and haven’t been the same since. 

    After multiple doctor visits and diagnostics, I left the clinic crying because they had no reasonable solutions for me. I was offered a medication with side effects, told to wear compression socks and put my feet up.   If it got bad enough, I could see an occupational therapist for lymph massage and daily wrapping. I thought to myself, I’m not 80!  I can’t do that for the rest of my life!  I have to work.  I have my son to take care of, who was 4 years old at the time. I didn’t have time to sit and put my feet up.  I left the house at 7am, got home at 7pm, got my child fed and put to bed, and repeated the next day. I was already overwhelmed and exhausted.

    Eventually I got fed up with wearing the uncomfortable compression socks and pushed for more answers. I was referred to the specialists, went and had a dye injected into my toes and imaging done to look at the function of my lymphatic system.  My tests were normal. I was told my system was just a little ‘sluggish’.  I thought, seriously?!  That’s the answer the specialists have for me?!  Unacceptable! There’s nothing ‘normal’ about having leg swelling every day.  I wondered if it could be some kind of delayed side effects from being on hospitalized bedrest and many medications during my pregnancy. I kept searching for alternative solutions on my own.

    Later, working as a MLT (Medical Laboratory Technician) in a small affiliate clinic laboratory, I was still wearing my compression socks every day. I was still an exhausted mom, surviving one day to the next. I would have a terrible afternoon slump, barely able to keep my eyes open by middle of the afternoon. My mind raced at night, so it took hours to fall asleep. To top it off I got knee pain too. I couldn’t even cross my legs while sitting at my desk. 

    By this point my first gelding had passed away at 27 years old. I was going through horses trying to find a replacement for him and ended up with a paint mare and a palomino gelding. I could barely ride for 30 minutes without being in pain, and extremely stiff and barely able to walk after getting off my horse. Riding had now become extremely uncomfortable, roasting hot in the summer wearing compression socks and a knee brace. I was struggling doing something I love to do and wondered how much longer my body could handle it. 

    At a spring local fun show, I got bucked by the gelding, twice.  Second time, I didn’t jump right back up.  Bruised up and okay but I wanted to heal up fast as I could so I could get back to riding. My sister, Sarah, had introduced me to LifeVantage products and had been telling me I should take her herbal yellow pill for a while. If it was going to help me get back in the saddle sooner, I’ll do it! 

    I committed to taking the yellow pill every day. After one month I was riding again. After three months the racing mind went away, and I was able to fall asleep. I had more energy throughout the day. After eight months I was sitting on my mare at a sorting and realized I hadn’t gotten off her for a while since my knees weren’t hurting anymore!  My paint mare had developed arthritis in one of her knees. I started her on the herbal yellow pill everyday too. After about a week I could tell she was much more comfortable. Overall, a calmer and happier mare. I was so happy to find a natural anti-inflammatory and safe for the gut to give long term. After experiencing the results for myself and my mare I became a LifeVantage consultant. I continue to take Nrf2 daily. My dog, Gus, gets it daily. It helps with his anxiety and has helped him heal from minor lacerations. I use it for my horse for inflammation, injury, healing, etc. I can ride as many hours as I want.  

    Forward to 2020. I first heard about BEMER at a horse clinic I attended with my current mare, Teaspoon. My BEMER mentor, Rachelle Rients, gave a short presentation about BEMER, how it worked, and we got an opportunity to try it for ourselves and our horses. With my veterinary and medical education backgrounds, I understand the function of the circulatory system and how we can all benefit from good blood flow in our bodies. At that time, I had been having issues with my neck and shoulders being tight and uncomfortable for months. I had leg swelling issues, and always had cold hands and feet, so I knew my circulation was not great, despite being an active person. I tried BEMER on myself first. I already knew the horses would greatly benefit from this therapy.  Later that day I noticed that the tightness in my neck was gone. It was the best my neck had felt in months! A month later I joined BEMER as a distributor. I purchased my BEMER Horse-Set in the fall of 2021. Just in time to help my horse prepare for surgery and help with recovery. I purchased my human set in November 2022. After four months of daily BEMER therapy, I’m no longer wearing compression socks every day!    BEMER is now part of my daily wellness routine and regular maintenance for my mare.

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